A lot of young professionals feel stuck in their careers. They want to be more valued, to create a bigger impact and to be inspired by leaders that bring out the best in them. But a lot of companies have little or no personal development other than skill-based learning, leaving employees feeling demotivated and unfulfilled.

Dean O'Shea

Badass Adventurer

The truth is, if an employee isn’t motivated it’s not because they don’t have the skills to improve in their career, it’s because they aren’t being inspired to grow as a person and aren’t being given the opportunities to become leaders in their own lives. This leads to:

  •  An unmotivated workforce

  •  Increased staff turnover

  •  Losing valuable knowledge as experience team members leave for new opportunities


High performance teams all have one thing in common: strong leadership. Through more than a decade of leading expeditions into the wilderness in some of the most perilous terrains on the planet, what I've found is that there is no better way to bring out the leader in someone than to immersed them in an epic adventure that challenges them to become more.  

Leaders point the way in their organisation, set a clear direction for the rest of the team to follow and encourage them and inspire them to greatness. True leaders must be many things to the team; a mentor, a coach, a champion but above all an inspiration.

How effective is your team?

After climbing more than 100 mountains in over 40 different countries I give inspirational talks and create bespoke master classes to help build corporate leadership and provide life changing experiences. Masterclasses can be designed and tailored to specifically meet the needs of your business as you merge mountain leadership with management. 

You will learn how to:

  •  Apply strong values to your business environment

  •  Team building and cohesion

  •  Boost motivation & morale

  •  Create deep and lasting fulfilment in life

The best time to develop your staff was last year, the second best time is now.


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Dean O'Shea

Badass Adventurer

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Inspirational talks


Inspirational talks aim to provide real value and cover the following topics:

  • How to unlock your inner leader

  • How to work as a cohesive team 

  • How to build resilience in harsh environments 

  • The secret to a life of adventure


Talks are 60 minutes long, light hearted and inspirational with icebreakers and a Q&A at the end.


Bespoke Workshops


Bespoke masterclasses can be specifically tailored to suit your business's needs:

  • Discover the leaders you never knew you had

  • Develop individuals unique potential 

  • Create team bonding and mutual respect

  • Motivate staff towards a common purpose


Workshops are half day (2-3 hours) and include a personality assessment and workbook.


Corporate Adventures

Reward your exceptional staff with a once in a lifetime adventure:

  • Challenge yourself beyond the 9 to 5 grind

  • Create deep connections and lasting friendships

  • Locations: Sahara Desert, Pyrenees Mountains, UK National Forest


Adventures are unique, specifically tailored to your organisation and available for all ability levels.



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